Photo Submitting Guidelines and Tips

When getting ready to submit your photos to us, take some of these tips and do them right. We have relationships with the top modeling agencies in cities like NY, Paris, London, and Milan. All of these agencies want digitals sent the same way. We don’t need to see your entire portfolio, DON'T send those. If you send us the newest cleanest images of yourself, you have a much better chance of being received well. We want to see YOU. Here are tips for submitting photos to us:

  1. Stand in a well lit area (natural light is the best) and in front of a blank wall. Nothing in the picture should be a distraction from you.
  2. Wear form fitting clothes, preferably jean shorts, mini skirt or a dress and /or a bikini. Whatever you are comfortable in for your first try. Best not to choose a top like a turtleneck or anything that is too baggy.
  3. Relax your eyes and face when looking into the camera. Be as natural as possible.
  4. Wear high heels but nothing too clunky or stand on your tippy toes.
  5. DON'T wear makeup!
  6. Send one full body shot.

  7. Send a head shot so we can see what your face looks like. And include one with a smile.
  8. Send a profile shot and a ¾ shot from the waist up.
  9. Try a variety of poses, not over styled but a little attitude.
  10. Send shots with hair up AND hair down.
  11. Have fun with it and send a variety to give us an idea.
  12. Your digital photos should NOT be more than 300 dpi, nor should they be larger than a resolution of 1024 x 768.
  13. We don’t need more than 7-10 images on your first try.
  14. Please don’t send us more than 10 images.
  15. Fill out the form with all of your information.
    • Your height is measured in bare feet. NOT heels. How to take proper measurements (best to have a friend take them for you, in your underwear or bathing suit):
    • Your waist measurement is at your natural waist line, at the curve. Your waist measurement reflects the narrowest part of your waist. For most women, this is about an inch above your belly button, but it varies.
    • Your bust measurement is taken around the fullest part of your bust. Don't pull the tape measure too tight - just so it fits snugly.
    • Your hip measurement is taken at the widest part of your hip line, in bare feet with feet together. Not at your hip bones.

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